A Guide to the Truth


  1. Introduction
  2. A note regarding the search for the truth
  3. What is the origin of our existence?

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1. Introduction

The aim of this guide is to help you in your search for the reality behind our existence. Seeking the truth is an innate quest that seems to be programmed into our species; it has been a recurring theme throughout human history and it transcends cultural boundaries. The search for the truth can feel overwhelming, as it may be difficult to decide where to begin and how.  In this guide we will go through a logical progression, starting from the very beginning by questioning the concept of a creator.

Because the seeker of truth is yet to find what they believe in, it would be unreasonable to expect them to rely on any kind of ‘faith’ when searching for the truth. Therefore, throughout this guide, logic will be used for validation. Logic is the common language of all humankind – it is unchanged between all people from all places and times. This is despite the differences in knowledge or mental agility that may exist from person to person. People may not always act by logic, but they have it deep down inside them, even if it is buried deep beneath mounds of arrogance, desire or selfishness. It is clear that the human mind was programmed in this language; if there is a guide for humans on living life, it must therefore be written in Logic.

This guide will discuss the logical stages that helped me in my quest for the truth. Therefore, as a natural progression of these stages, we will end with a section which will discuss how they were applied to confirm for me the way of life that I believe satisfies logic: the truth that I found. The quest for the truth is your own personal journey, therefore you will need to use the logical stages outlined in this document to guide you to the path that you are convinced satisfies logic.

Next chapter: A note regarding the search for the truth

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