2. A note regarding the search for the truth

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There are two fundamental stages in the quest for the truth: the first is finding it, and the second is accepting what we have found.

In the introduction, we discussed how logic is universal and standard; logic is the only key which will allow you to find the truth. Imagine a corridor with many large doors along its length; each door is locked. You have to try the key of logic in each of the doors to find out which one it opens. The door it opens is the door of the truth. When you find that room, you have completed the first part of your quest.

Upon entering the room, you will see a glass casket. Through its clear walls, you will see the light of the truth, shining. Before you can take the truth, you will need to unlock the casket. You look to your hands and you see an item in each one. In one hand, you find the key of honesty and humility; in the other, the blindfold of arrogance, desire and pride.  You have two options. If you decide to use the key of honesty and humility, you will finally be able to accept the truth and your quest will be complete. However, if the truth does not match what you want to hear and you decide to put on the blindfold of arrogance, desire and pride, you will no longer be able see the casket or the truth within it.

So it’s not just about finding the truth – the critical part is accepting it.

Next chapter: What is the origin of our existence?

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