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For the mystery item, tracing back the sender of the parcel is the logical starting point – the sender will be able to give you definitive answers regarding the object, its purpose and why it was sent to you. With the strange building, if you begin by finding out who was responsible for bringing you into the building, you will be able to gain information from them regarding why they did so and what is required of you.

The key is in going back to the origin.

The same can be said for our uncertainties regarding life. How did we get here? Do we have a purpose?  Does everything end at death? In order to answer our questions, the very first step is to find out precisely what is responsible for our existence in life.  If we bypass this stage and begin by looking into the many different theories and ideas that attempt to answer these questions about life, we may find ourselves feeling very lost.  We need direction on where to begin – we need to focus our search. We need to stop and think about the origin of our existence. Only from the origin will we be able to accept answers to our questions with confidence.



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