3. What is the origin of our existence?

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One morning, you open your door to leave the house and you see a parcel addressed to you at your door step. Inside it, you find an object. It is a complicated object, unlike anything you have seen before.  In a hurry to resume your daily activities, you put it to one side, quickly forgetting about the mystery parcel.

Many days go by…

One day, the strange object catches your eye again. Your curiosity awakens and you begin to wonder about it. What is this object? Why was it sent to you? How do you use it? What are you meant to do with it?

You want to work out the function and purpose of the object, so you turn it in your hands, press buttons, dismantle it… But without knowing what the object is, how do you know that any use you do discover is, indeed, its intended purpose? You might only discover a small fraction of its full functionality, or none at all. Worse still, you may actually damage the object in the process of exploring its purpose.

*                                             *                                             *

You wake up to find yourself in an unfamiliar building. It is a colossal sructure, bustling with activity: there are people packing food into containers; others are metal-smiths; a group is sat watching a film; there are many shops selling different wares; some people appear to be carpenters making furniture; whilst others are typing on computers. All these people are getting on with their lives, with no sign of urgency or confusion. You can smell delicious food, hear people laughing and talking, and through the large glass walls and domed ceiling, the sun’s light engulfs you in a warm aura. Almost immediately, you find yourself distracted by this activity; before long, you are walking around and exploring this intriguing environment…

However, after a while, a thought stops you suddenly in your steps. You have just realised that you do not know why you are even in this building, how you got here, or what you are supposed to do.

You decide to find out why you are here. You start asking those around you. The carpenters tell you that you are here to make furniture. The shopkeepers say that your role is to buy what they are selling. The group watching the film invite you to sit with them. Some people admit that they actually do not know why they are here either, now that you mention it…

You are beginning to feel frustrated: so many different reasons for your purpose in this building are being presented, but you cannot decide with confidence which, if any, of the answers best describes what you should be doing.

*                                             *                                             *



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