Reflecting on the natural world

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When we wish to discover an unknown entity, we piece together relevant information that is available to us, with the aim of identifying the missing link. We see this approach applied successfully to answer many different questions about the reality around us. This may be a detective relying on clues left behind to identify an unknown individual, an engineer who wishes to solve a complicated problem using known parameters of a mathematical equation, a scientist trying to identify the components that make up a biological process inside a cell, or a doctor diagnosing a patient after examining them and enquiring about their symptoms.

In each of the aforementioned examples, piecing together existing evidence helps to narrow the search down to what is being sought, or at least narrow it down to a smaller number of possibilities which can be filtered further through a process of elimination. This process is the logical starting point when trying to identify that which is unknown to us.

This logical method of identifying the unknown using an available known entity can also be used in the search for the origin of our existence.

The natural world, which we are a part of, is a tangible reality that is the by-product of some sort of process which would have brought it into existence. By observing the world around us and reflecting on what we see, we may begin to detect patterns and pick up clues that will give us a better idea of what is behind the reality we exist in. If we want to find out about this source of existence, studying the natural world is, logically, the ideal place to start. It is vast and therefore holds an abundance of clues which can point us in the right direction. Reflecting on the natural world is therefore the ideal first step with which to begin our search for the truth.

*                                             *                                             *

In our search for the origin of our existence, we begin with only two broad options: either the universe and everything in our world is a result of random, unguided processes, laws and forces which eventually happened to operate in harmony by chance, or there was a very specific process of design, guided by a creator. Logically, there is no third option. In this section, we will explore our existence, starting with the bigger picture, the universe, and then zoom in until we reach some of the smallest building blocks of life known to man. We will then finish by weighing-up each of the two possibilities against the scientific reality of the natural world as a validation tool, in order to find out which of the two is the truth behind the existence of our world.

Logical? Ok, let’s begin…

 To be continued…


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